P. P. Sheth Aromas Pvt. Ltd

The leading distributors of Aroma Chemicals, Essential Oils and Fragrances.

P. P. Sheth Aromas Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading distributors of high quality Aroma Chemicals, Essential Oils and Fragrances Internationally for over 50 years. We serve products from several trustworthy and renowned International Companies like BASF, Emerald Kalama, Alpacasa, Isobionics, PT Aroma, Atsiri, Camlin and many other well-known organizations. P. P. Sheth Aromas Pvt. Ltd is committed towards its clients and providing them with high standard aroma products.

With the head office stationed in Navi Mumbai and warehouses in Vashi and Bhiwandi provides us an easy access to our customers’ needs around India and rest of the world.

P. P. Sheth Aromas Pvt. Ltd holds enormous stocks of wide range of products which enable us to deliver it on time to our clients. We have a vast experience of the market and we are able to console, advice and assist our customers about the best products suited for their purpose.

P. P. Sheth Aromas Pvt. Ltd has always strived to furnish the customers with the best products regardless of how big the order is. We feel delighted and earnestly show diligence in catering even the most miniature needs of our customers. Our goal is to make our clients see us not as a company but a partner who is ready to bestow them with the best possible services of aroma chemicals, essential oils and special chemicals anytime.


Transformation of our company into an internationally recognized symbol for fragrance, essential oils and aroma chemicals. We aim to be the most reputed and only choice for customers fragrance needs. Our goal is to transform ourselves into pioneers for the industry by diversifying and providing high quality goods to our customers. We aim to provide Laboratory grade testing and professional handling and transport of goods to provide high purity chemicals and timely delivery in bulk or small.

The Founder

“The P. P. Sheth Aromas Pvt. Ltd was started by Pradip Sheth with humble beginnings trading and dealing in textiles. However his passion and vision for the diverse and constantly innovating fragrance industries led to us becoming one of the leading distributors of Aroma Chemicals in India. Fulfilling his vision, We are committed to satisfaction of our customers’ needs, maintenance of high standards of product quality to fulfill customer’s requirements achieved by strict adherence to quality management systems at all stages. It is our objective to nurture an environment where excellence is everyone’s goal and delighting our customer is a shared vision.”